Three Days Workshop on “Essential Tips for Effective Use of Koha (ILS) & DSpace”

Shihab Thangal Central Library and Research Centre, EMEA Arts & Science College, Kondotty, Malappuram, Kerala, is organizing a Three Days Workshop on “Essential Tips for Effective Use of Koha (ILS) & DSpace” from 08-10 December 2021, 9.30 am to 4.30 pm at EMEA Library. This workshop mainly focuses on the essential skills required for the Librarians who are currently using Koha (ILMS) and DSpace.


  • Automatic Gate register management system
  • Backup and restoration of Dspace and Koha
  • Barcode label creation, spine label creation
  • Stock verification techniques
  • E-mail alerts
  • E-book management
  • Calendar settings
  • Bulk item modification
  • Report generation
  • OPAC customization
  • Other important tips


Mahesh Palamuttath
Freelancer, Linux, FOSS & Library Technologist
Pandikkad, Malappuram


Only 25 seats are available. Preference will be given to Early registration & working professionals. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the selected participants and the registration fee: Rs. 1200/- needs to be paid only thereafter.

Advance online registration:

Duty leave & certificate will be provided to the participants.


Lectures, demonstrations, discussions, and extensive practical sessions will be available.


Mahjabeen Aydeed
EMEA Arts & Science College
Kondotti, Padinharathara,
Malappuram, Kerala 673638

Mob: +91 94463 71262

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Received Certificate of National Virtual Workshop on Koha

It was my pleasure to be the co-resource person in the ten-day national virtual workshop on the Koha integrated library system conducted by unity services, Kottayam, Kerala.

It was a nice experience with the seventy-five participants from various parts of India. We discussed all modules on koha, the basics of Linux, and the configuration of Koha in the cloud environment.

I am grateful to Dr. Vimal Kumar sir and Mr. Subeesh Gopinathan for choosing me as one of the tutors for the workshop.

Thank you all.