Transforming Libraries: A Recap of Rajagiri College’s Diploma Course in Library Automation

Today marks the official end of the six-month diploma course in library automation offered by the Department of Library and Information Science at Rajagiri College of Social Science (Autonomous) in Kochi for the year 2022-23, and as the instructor, I am both proud and satisfied with the progress and growth of the students over the duration of the course.

The course consisted of three modules: Basics of Linux, Koha ILS, and Dspace. It was an enriching experience for me to share my knowledge and expertise with the students who were eager to learn and explore the world of library automation.

The Basics of Linux : was a challenge for some students who had no prior experience with the operating system. However, practical exercises and hands-on sessions helped them grasp the basic concepts and even perform some advanced tasks on the Linux platform.

Koha ILS:  module was the most exciting part of the course for the students. They learned about the open-source integrated library system and how it can be used for various library automation tasks. The practical exercises and live demonstrations helped them understand how to set up and configure the system and how to use it for tasks such as cataloging, circulation, and generating reports.

Dspace IR/DL: introduced the students to the world of digital libraries and how they can be managed using this open-source platform. The hands-on sessions and practical exercises allowed the students to learn how to set up and configure the system, how to create and manage collections, and how to upload and manage digital content.

In addition to the three modules, I included a special session on cloud computing and how it can be used in library automation. During the session, I explained the basics of cloud computing and demonstrated how to set up and configure a virtual machine on a cloud platform called such as Vultr , Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure.

Overall, I am grateful to Dr. A.T. Francis, Professor and Head of the Department, and Dr. Joshy George, Associate Professor and co-ordinator, for choosing me as the instructor for this course. I would also like to thank Assistant Professors Ms. Neethu Mohan and Dr. Joseph I Thomas for their assistance. It was a privilege to share my knowledge and experience with such an enthusiastic group of students. The course was a great success, and I look forward to more opportunities to teach and share my knowledge with others.

Snaps from the course

— Mahesh Palamuttath

Diploma in Library Automation @ RCSS

I am very much pleased to offer classes for the second batch of diploma in library automation, conducted by Rajagiri College of Social Sciences (Autonomous), kochi. This diploma course is for professionals who look forward to implementing technology for their library services.

I really praise RCSS for offering such a demanded course for professionals in Kerala. And I am also prestigious to be a part of that.

Thank you, Dr. A.T. Francis, Professor, Head, and Dr. Joshy George, Associate Professor, DLIS, Rajagiri College of Social Sciences & Coordinator, Diploma in Library Automation for selecting me as the tutor for the classes.



  • Free and Open-Source Software Philosophy
  • Introduction to Linux
  • Linux Distributions/Flavours
  • Linux Desktop
  • Introduction to Debian & Ubuntu Linux
  • Preparation of Bootable USB
  • Virtualization Tools
  • Ubuntu Linux Installation
  • SSH Clients Tools
  • FTP Clients Tools
  • Basics of Linux Based Operating Systems
  • System Configuration
  • Application Softwares
  • Linux Commands
  • File Management
  • Text Editors
  • Linux Networking
  • Linux Security


  • Preparations for the implementation
  • Koha Installation & Customization
  • All Koha modules
  • System maintenance


  • Preparations for the implementation
  • DSpace installation & Customization
  • Creating communities and sub-communities
  • Adding bit-streams
  • System maintenance

Classes on every first and third Sunday from November 2022 to April 2023

Course duration: 60 hours

Class time: 10 AM—4 PM

Hours per day: 5 hours


November 06-11-2022 Linux 
20-11-2022 Linux
December 04-12-2022 Linux
18-12-2022 Linux 
January 01-01-2023 Koha 
15-01-2023 Koha
February 05-02-2023 Koha
12-02-2023 Koha
March 05-03-2023 Koha
19-03-2023 DSpace
April 02-04-2023 DSpace
16-04-2023 DSpace

For Registration and Details

Dr. Joshy George
Mob: 8606365566