Streamlining Library Management with Koha: My Experience at the National Mission on Libraries Capacity Building Program

Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to participate in the Capacity Building Program of the National Mission on Libraries for Public Library Personnel, organized by the Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation (RRRLF) in collaboration with the Ananda Rangapillai Library at Pondicherry University (12th to 16th June, 2023). As a passionate advocate for library services and technology, I was thrilled to be a part of this program, where I had the privilege of handling a session on library management using Koha, an open-source Integrated Library System (ILS).

The National Mission on Libraries, initiated by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, aims to revitalize and modernize public libraries across the country. As part of this mission, the Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation plays a pivotal role in conducting various capacity-building programs for public library personnel. These programs aim to enhance the skills and knowledge of librarians, enabling them to effectively manage and cater to the evolving needs of library users.

During my session, I had the privilege of introducing Koha to the enthusiastic participants who were eager to explore its capabilities. We delved into various aspects of library management, including cataloging, circulation, patron management, and report generation. The hands-on training enabled the participants to gain practical experience and familiarity with the system.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Dr. Vijayakumar Mallappa, the University Librarian, for his exceptional  support throughout the program. I am immensely grateful to Dr. K.M. Shibu, Assistant Librarian, for his invaluable assistance in arranging transportation from the guest house to the library every day and for his efforts in securing confirmed train return tickets to Shornur. His thoughtfulness and commitment have made my logistics hassle-free and ensured a smooth experience.

A special mention and heartfelt thanks go to Mr. K.T. Naheem, Professional Assistant, who hails from Malappuram, for not only playing a pivotal role in the program but also going above and beyond by showcasing the beauty and cultural richness of Pondicherry. His warm hospitality and genuine kindness have left an indelible impression, making our stay truly unforgettable. We are grateful for his efforts in making our experience in Pondicherry so memorable.

I would also like to extend my gratitude to all the program organizers, support staff, and fellow participants for fostering an inclusive and enriching learning environment. The collective passion and unwavering dedication of everyone involved have made a profound impact on my personal and professional journey.

With deepest gratitude,

Mahesh Palamuttath