Using canva for various library purposes

There are so many creative ways to share all the great things happening in your library. Canva is one tool that makes it easy to design promotional materials that are beautiful and professional. The following video will give you the basics of Canva, and how you can start using it immediately to produce amazing documents for your library website/blog, social media, and other communications.

Not all librarians wouldn’t be experts in any photo editing and manipulation software like Adobe Photoshop or GIMP, in the scenario, CANVA can be the best free and easy-to-use website/platform for creating beautiful library marketing and event promotion documents.

Personally, I do use canva for creating featured images for my blogpost for a long time.


Canva is a browser-based design tool that makes it easy to create great images/photos/videos. There’s also an exclusive handy mobile app for canva. All you want is just create a free account in with your’s/library’s email. the free personal plan is enough for our purposes.

Benefits of Canva:
  • Pre-sized social media images.
  • Designer-type templates get your graphics started.
  • Lots of size and shape options.
  • Search for stock images and pay a small fee to use – or use the free stuff.
  • Save your images to edit or download later.
  • Easy to make multiple, similar graphics from a template.
With a free Canva plan you can:
  • Import images you have the right to use and add them to designs
  • Use their free elements, stock photos, and fonts
  • Export in a range of file types including PDF and JPEG
  • Create custom dimension graphics
  • Share view or edit access with your team
Getting started

Video courtesy: Natalia Kalinska