Importing contacts into Google contacts

After each workshop/seminar/program, I do receive many contacts, creating one by one on my phone is a little bit difficult task. In order to bypass this, I will just download the details of the participants from the Google form (which the participants used to register) as a CSV file and make whatever modifications are required and upload it to my Google account.

Google contacts being a user-friendly and free contact management service by the Google LCC, it is used widely across the globe for both personal and business usage. Many times, contacts or phone numbers play an important role in one’s life. Moreover, users do not want to lose them in any way due to any technical or human errors in the future. Hence, it is important to backup or create another copy to some reliable platform like Google Contacts. Apart from that, a user can upload phone numbers from Excel/CSV to Google contacts in several ways. The following is one way we can import contacts into Google Contacts. You can also upload all current contacts directly from your android phone to your google contacts as well.